Bodegas Casal de Armán was founded at the ending of the 90’s, but it belongs to the fourth generation of a family who has been making Ribeiro wines since the 19th century



The Ribeiro Denomination of Origin, one of the oldest in Galicia, which means “riverbank” in Galician, is one of the five denominations of origin of wines in Galicia. We will find it in the northwestern area of ​​the province of Ourense and in the confluences of the valleys formed by the Miño, Avia and Arnoia rivers. The climate is one of the factors that characterizes these varieties and styles of wines.In addition, their soils, are characterized by being formed from granitic materials, with sandy-loamy textures and to a lesser extent sandy-loamy. Characteristic of the Ribeiro is the “Sabrego” , broken granite, very abundant in this area.


Illusion, hard work and passion for wine

These are the pillars that support the Casal de Armán project

The right premises to develop the project were needed, so the restoration of the old 18th century court started when the González Vázquez family purchased this property. It took them eight years of hard work to completely refurbish it. Nowadays it houses a cosy countryside hotel, a traditional Galician restaurant and the cellar.

The cellar is attached to the old house. Built after the Galician architecture tradition, this cellar premises combine the simplicity of the stone and noble woods with the most modern technology and machinery for the elaboration of wine: stainless steel tanks, pneumatic presses, stem removing machines, temperature control devices, etc…