During the grape picking process

Winemakers main concern is to bring the grapes to the cellar in the best possible conditions

For this reason, they choose a different date for each vineyard, according their quality. Grapes are hand picked into small boxes that are quickly transported to refrigerated stores in the cellar. They are kept there at a constant temperature of 10º to 12ºC until they are carefully selected in special tables.

The process goes on with the pressing that is realized in pneumatic presses, without the grapes having been separated form their stems. During the pressing process they try to control the must oxidation to the maximum extent. Then fermentation is done at a controlled temperature of 15 to 16ºC. Once finished, the wine is stored in steel tanks until it is bottled after June (always after June).

Local cold winters ease this wines natural decantation and clarification. All Casal de Armán wines are stored for at least a month and a half bottle, before they are launched to the market.